As pet lovers ourselves, we know that you want the purest, natural food for your pets. Addiction’s range of pet foods contains NO GRAIN, GMOs, by-products, fillers, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, artificial flavorings, artificial preservatives and other hazardous chemicals to prevent allergies and promote long-term health in pets.

"Hi, I'm Lily and I'm 8 weeks old. My Mum wanted the best food for me so she started feeding me Addiction Pet Foods!

I am currently loving Salmon Bleu. My Mum says it's the best thing for my tummy, coat and skin. It also builds strong bones and muscles. She loves that she can order it off the net too. Being made locally is a huge bonus because we trust and support homegrown products!

Thanks Addiction Pet Food people for making such a great product!"

- Andrea and Lily, New Zealand


"Radar used to have itchy skin and it was a painful process to find a food that didn't make the itching worse or stain his coat when he drooled and licked. Thanks to your product - Addiction Salmon Bleu - his skin is 100% better and he has the most amazing coat. Judges comment on his appearance all the time and I'm proud to say it's because of your amazing food."

- Lauren and Radar, New Zealand

“We’ve tried every dry food on the market but stuck with Addiction for the best results. Blitz, my boy, got best of breed and group at the

New Zealand National Dog Show 2016 and Buttons won Reserve of Breed.

Addiction is the ONLY food I recommend. Thank you Addiction for the great food!"

- Buttons, Blitz and Teresa, New Zealand

Renowned as the leading hypoallergenic pet nutrition manufacturer, Addiction offers the widest and finest range of pet foods made from premium proteins and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

Free from harmful additives and by-products, Addiction has amassed a passionate following

among discerning pet owners seeking the ultimate in Holistic Nutrition.

From our family run pet food company in pristine New Zealand, we can source the purest ingredients and highest quality free-range meat, directly from local farmers.

Keep your cat in their best shape ever with our Addiction Dry Cat Food range. All our foods are specially-formulated using only the freshest ingredients and top quality proteins to give them the optimal nutrition.

Keep your dog active with our range of Dry Dog Food, formulated with high-grade premium proteins along with fresh fruits and vegetables for a nutritionally-balanced meal. With added taurine for heart health, you can be assured that your dog will always be at its optimal health and fitness level.

NO GRAIN, GMOs, by-products, fillers, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, artificial flavorings

and artificial preservatives to prevent allergies and help boost your pet's overall health and wellness.

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