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Meet the Zen 90-Day Challenge participants

Introducing the dogs who are on the 90-day journey to be allergy-free with Zen Vegetarian. 

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The Zen 90-Day Challenge is a health transformation contest that is open to all dogs suffering from food-related allergies and are currently living in Singapore.

With a steady diet of Zen Vegetarian for 90 days, the challenge aims to help dogs recover from their allergies, become healthier than ever, and inspire more dog owners to help their allergy-stricken pets. 

ZEN Vegetarian  is a hypoallergenic dry dog food that is formulated for dogs allergic to animal protein.

Made with choice vegetable proteins and a combination of vitamins and minerals, Zen is a holistic, great tasting, well-balanced meal designed and tested to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs.

Help your dog
fight allergies with Zen